What people are saying about The Pines Times

“I tell all my clients at the SCC Small Business Center about The Pines Times, especially new business owners. There’s no better way to find out about all the events in the area where they can meet new people and network for their business. I also suggest that they sign up for email updates, so they never miss newly listed events, activities, and news about the Sandhills area.

Thanks, Sue Deutsch, for this spectacular resource. “
Teresa Reynolds, SCC SBC Director

“Thanks for your untiring support of! the community, and of the Carolina Philharmonic!”
David Michael Wolff, Maestro

“I love the Pines Times! When I get the weekly email reminder I get my phone and start looking for events to put in my online calendar. It helps me keep up with happenings in the area. And I have found activities that I didn’t even know existed.”
Liz Marks, Pinehurst

“You are doing such a fantastic job keeping us all informed about the way too many things to do in our community!  Thank you so very much!”
Helen Probst Mills

“Thanks Sue for the information. We love your Web Page and your dedication to letting the residents know what is happening.”
Jo Ann T, Southern Pines

 “Your website is an asset to our community.”
Tish Hagler, Moore County Concert Band

“The most influential and powerful communication vehicle in the Sandhills. I look at it everyday. Good for advertisers! Thank you Pines Times.”
F. S. Felice S., Pinehurst

“Thanks for your great work on The Pines Times.  It is a great service to the community.”
Ron Huff, Raeford

“Just want to tell you Thank You for such a fine publication. Without question it is the best resource I have come across for community events and news; friendly, folksy, detailed, intelligent, and just plain fun to read. I look forward to it in my email.”
John S, Pinehurst

“Thank you for such a great publication. It is my one ‘go to’ source I have for all that happens in Pinehurst area. I was telling a friend and she is interested in receiving your e-mail.“         
Tricia K., Southern Pines

“I really rely on your site now, such a great source for our community, kudos!”
Sandy G., Pinehurst

“Hi Sue!  I really enjoy your emails. Suzanne and I send them to many customers…..old and new !  All echo the same sentiment(s).  Very informative and very fun to read.  Thanks and Happy Trails today !  (from McLendon Hills) “
Ed and Suzanne Clarke, West End

“Thanks for being such an asset to our community,”
Ellen Aires, Moore County Interagency Council

“Thank you for your site, it has helped me tremendously! As a newcomer the Sandhills, it has been an excellent source in getting out & about!”
Cynthia C., Pinehurst

“Thank you, we enjoy your newsletter very much!”
Bonnie B., Pinehurst

“I really enjoy The Pine Times!”
Louise P., Pinehurst